what is Teen Tampa? 

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Teen Tampa Magazine is a biannual print and digital magazine created for teens in the Tampa Bay area focusing on inspiration for them to be their best selves to unapologetically be who they are and to encourage one another. Each issue will be filled with people and places they recognize with articles primarily written by teen voices, and pictorials featuring attainable fashion. Community will play a large role as well with Teen Tampa through partnerships and events. 

Though the magazine will be bi-annual for the beginning stages, there will be special edition issues as well. 



Teen Advisory Board

Teen Tampa consults with a Teen Advisory Board [ TAB ] for ideas and opinions much like a focus group.
The Teen Tampa TAB is made up of teens 14-18 from all over the Tampa Bay area. 


McConnie, 17

Academy of the Holy Names


McClintock, 16

Robinson HS


offerman, 16

Sickles HS


hasselbach, 15

Steinbrenner HS


roman, 15

Steinbrenner HS


philp, 16

Tarpon Springs HS


Interested in joining the Teen Advisory board? 



It all started with...

Theresa Marie

editor in chief & founder of Teen Tampa Magazine



Hello! I am SO glad you're here. My name is Theresa Marie. This is me. Part artist, part big sister and part encouragement queen with a side of randomness. I'm a dork and I love people who aren't afraid to be a dork too. 

Working up close and personal with teens for over 10 years has opened my eyes to the teen culture filled with shallow values and messages to grow up fast. It's been my goal to promote self-worth and confidence through my work with boutique senior portraiture. My brand has always been heavily influenced by the editorial style of magazines -- striving to create images of these everyday, REAL seventeen year olds just like they see on the pages of a magazine.

I could write a novella on all the different reasons for this concept of a magazine specifically for the teenage girls of Tampa Bay but the biggest one is...

there is NOTHING like it out there.

Why not build a tribe of teens from our own area; give them outside perspective to be their best selves; a platform to let their voice be heard across the entire Tampa Bay area and the opportunity to add something cool to their resumes? Why not battle that constant cell phone scrolling habit by getting a tangible paper magazine in their hands instead - one filled with people and places they actually know? Why not give them THEIR OWN magazine?

If you are reading this right now, that means there weren't any reasons why not. It's happening. 

We're going to take it slow and keep it simple. Grow organically. We're starting with biannual issues and special edition issues sprinkled throughout. Along with some random ideas that may or may not come to fruition such as a charity fashion show, YouTube channel, interns, scholarships and the list goes on. Excited yet? I freaking am. I have big plans for Teen Tampa and I want YOU to join us for the ride.

My hope is that Teen Tampa spreads positive vibes of kindness and community -- inspiring teen girls to gracefully wear glass slippers while shattering glass ceilings.

That's Teen Tampa's story so far, now tell me yours.